Mission Statement - CBD product

At Saiom Technologies Inc, we

1. Offer OTC health products that are simple and effective. We believe that the most effective product is one that is easy to use,  saves time and money for our customers.

2. Offer our customers the best value and world class customer service.

3. Improve the quality of life for our customers.

4. Offer products that are earth-friendly.

At Saiom Technologies Inc., we focus on developing products that enrich the lives of our customers and compliment it with world class customer service. 

Navnique® Cannabidiol cbd products are formulated and marketed by Saiom Technologies Inc.

We ONLY use HEMP-derived Cannabidiol (CBD).



As a family company, we only produce products we are confident and proud to use ourselves. 


Terms and Conditions:

The following terms and conditions apply to all Purchaser(s) and user(s) of Navnique™  CBD products and also applies to all Navnique ™  sellers, product distributors, marketing and points of sale.

Maximum product liability and damage resulting from use of any Navnique ™  CBD products under any/all circumstance(s) will not exceed the cost of purchase. It is understood that you have sought medical advice prior to starting any  Navnique™  CBD products. By purchasing the  Navnique ™  products, you consent to agree to abide by the above terms and conditions.

Address: Navnique™  - Customer Service, 1062 Livingston Ave. # 7056, North Brunswick, NJ 08902, USA

Thank you!

Navnique™  contains ingredients that are generally recognized as safe for use by the food industry. 

By agreeing to terms above during your purchase, you help keep our costs down and in turn we pass the savings to you - the esteemed customers. 

Thank you!

  - President, Saiom Technologies Inc.